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Ultimate Hair Trimming Scissors – Types, When To Use & 5 Best

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve cut my hair with any scissors that I could have found at the time. In fact, my big chop, back in 2018, was done using regular scissors. I simply did not know better. Who would have known that I was doing more harm than good when I trimmed my hair with regular scissors. After hearing the sides effects of using regular scissors to cut my hair, it was no surprise that my hair was filled with an excessive number of split ends and breakages both in my relaxed hair and even in my natural hair. Don’t get me wrong though, I still have my struggles but I’m glad I’m reducing my chances of future damage. So don’t expect that you will just buy hair trimming scissors and all your split end single strand knots, and breakages will magically never return. There are a lot of other factors that go in to play; for example, do you gently comb your hair? Are you ripping through it? Are you propyl-moisturizing your hair? etc. So, today’s blog is about hair shears.

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What Are Hair Shears/Hair Trimming Scissors

Hair trimming scissors are made of harder steel and have a sharper edge. Regular scissors are used for pulling, cutting, and tears of regular items. The edge of hair scissors, on the other hand, is extremely sharp and allows you to cut through hair without causing any damage easily.

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Types for Hair Shears

While researching, I learned that not only are there scissors made for your hair but also that there are different types of hair scissors that perform different functions which will hopefully help you pick the best hair scissor for yourself. Here are six popular types of hair trimming scissors:

1.           Short-Blade Scissors

2.           Long-Blade Scissors/Long-Bladed Barbering Scissors

3.           Thinning Shears

4.           Texturizing Scissors/Blending

5.           Wide-Tooth Chunking Shears

6.           Swivel Shears

Short-Blade Scissors

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Precision Scissors, Short Blade, 4 Inches

This is perhaps the most popular type of hair shear. It may also be the hair scissors that you have or the one that you will buy. These hair scissors ranges in length from 4 to 5.5 inches. This pair of scissors is geared to persons with smaller hand, which are mainly women, as opposed to scissors which are more designed for men hands. These scissors are lightweight and easy to manipulate for long periods therefore reducing fatigue. You can use these type of hair trimming scissors on any hair type, from thin or thick hair to any kind in between.

Long-Blade Scissors/Long-Bladed Barbering Scissors

hair trimming scissors
Professional Barber Scissors German Stainless Steel Shears

These scissors range in size from 6 to 7.5 -inches which can come in handy for different techniques such as the scissor over the comb techniques, which require an extended, straight edge cut. The long blades on the scissor will ensure that the cutting line is even and not crooked. These scissors tend to weigh more than the short-blade scissors. They are great for any hair type.

Thinning Shears

hair trimming scissors
Professional Hair Thinning Scissors

If you don’t have naturally curly hair, wavy hair, or thin hair, these hair scissors are worth considering. I personally like thick hair but for some, it can be a handful. This hair scissor has a set of small, sharp teeth on one blade edge that help to thin out sections of hair quickly with one cut. It has between 20 to 50 teeth depending on the size and model of the scissor. It’s best for persons with coarse or thick hair who can benefit from thinning out thick hair to your liking therefore making the haircut easier to style and manage.

Texturizing Scissors/Blending

hair trimming scissors
Professional Hair Thinning Scissors, Texturizing Shears

Similar to the thinning shears but it is not for curly hair, wavy hair or thin hair. These scissors however contain 30 to 40 sharp teeth for a more drastic look. In addition, this pair of scissors will add volume and texture to styles by making more blunt cuts throughout the hair. The purpose of these scissors is to add volume and movement.

Wide-Tooth Chunking Shears

hair trimming scissors
ShearsDirect Japanese 13 Tooth Chunker

As the name suggest, it allows for wide-tooth chunking.  With 10 to 20 teeth, this hair shear will provide a dramatic chunking look to any style at a faster rate since the fewer teeth available in a pair of shears, the more hair they cut out at once. It is said to work great on all hair types.

Swivel Shears

hair trimming scissors
 Professional Swivel Hair Cutting Scissors 

 I feel this hair shear is best for professionals since it is designed for long-term use. Regular scissors keep your fingers in one place and your thumb trapped in one single position throughout your working day which can become painful after a while. Thankfully Swivel scissors are designed with a rotating thumb ring which offers flexibility when handling and control. They also accommodate for your natural hand movements. The swiveling thumb ring reducing pain and provides more comfort to your haircutting experience.

How Often Should You Trim Your Hair?

I would say as often as needed for your hair to remain in a healthy state meaning you should be trimming your hair if it has split ends, breakages, single stand knots or thinning ends. So don’t put off in trimming your hair just to keep your length when your hair needs a hair trim because that hair trim might just turn into a haircut.  

Should You Trim Curly or Straight Hair?

I’ve heard this talked about in the natural hair community whether to cut straight or curly hair. I would personally say both. You see, when you cut on curly hair you get ideas on how much is too much for styling purposes. Since everyone is affected by shrinkage differently, imagine cutting your hair when it is straight and when your hair is in its most shrunken state, and you can no longer do your favorite styles. Although I mostly cut my hair in its curly stated, putting pride aside, I would actually suggest that you cut your hair at less once a year in a straight or blown out state I feel that seeing it in its straight state (I would suggest doing African threading for those with curly/kinky hair) would allow you to see if you have any affected areas better. 

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Hair Trimming Scissors to Definitely buy for at Home Use

1. Walgreens 5 –Inch Hair Shears 

2. Matsui Matte Black Aichei Mountain Offset Shear

3. JAVENPROLIU Professional Hair Cutting Shears

4. Fromm Explore 5.75 Inches Hair Cutting Shears

5. ULG Hair Cutting Scissors

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