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Top 5 Best Useful Baby Shower Gifts

Previously, we discussed some great gifts that can be given at baby showers. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top 5 baby shower gifts in 2022. So let’s jump right in.

1. Booties

They are short soft shoe like garments used to fit babies’ feet enabling them to keep warm while offering protection. When buying a bootie for a baby shower, there are a few things to consider like, what type of material was used for the product.

Materials Commonly Used in Booties

  1. Cotton – this material is natural and very comfortable. This is a good material for a baby because it is soft. In warmer temperatures, this material would be a better choice because it is breathable and would keep your baby’s feet cool. Cotton is also a material unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.
  2. Leather – this material can be used in colder climates. Leather is easy to clean and long lasting (babies grow quickly). Though stylish, these types of booties can be costly
  3. Flannel – flannel is an affordable material to use and it lasts a long time. Babies grow quickly therefore you can sell them, past them down to another sibling or keep them for memories. They are soft and comfy and great for colder weathers.
  4. Wool – this type of bootie is definitely good for the cold because it will keep your baby warm. However, wool can be scratchy as well as an irritant to the baby.

Here are some booties you can buy:

Burt’s Bees Baby Booties

These Booties are made of cotton and suitable for the baby. They come in two different colors and are machine washable.

Baby Shower Gifts

Hudson’s Baby Unisex Quilted Booties

These come in a wide range of colors as well as sizes. It is also machine washable.

2. Stroller

A stroller or a pram is a hand pushed vehicle to carry babies and young infants. There are various types of strollers. Here are a few to consider.

1. The Full-sized Stroller

A full-sized stroller, as its name suggest, is a very large stroller. It is large enough to help transition from the carrying of your baby to toddler. These strollers are very comfortable and durable. They usually come with canopies that will protect your babies from the sun when you are out and about. The full-sized stroller has the option to expand and transform into a double and triple stroller making it a good option for growing families. This stroller has a wide array of accessories, like adaptors to carry an infant car seat.

2. The Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

This one is good for a family that is constantly on the go. This stroller as the name suggest is light, and easy to make smaller. It can be placed into your vehicle with ease so you can run errands at any time. It is also a good stroller to use when travelling.

3. The Double or Triple Stroller

This stroller has two or three seats. When using this type of stroller, it is good to read about it before since some come with permanent seats while others may come with moveable seats and can be switched for various options.

4. The Jogger Stroller

If the parents are actively involved in outdoor activities, this is a good stroller to buy. The jogger stroller has three wheels that are usually filled with air. This makes the stroller easy to maneuver especially while hiking. It also allows the baby to have a comfortable and smooth ride.

5. The Travel System

This stroller is the most versatile out of all the strollers. It is an infant car seat and a stroller combined, making it easier for taking your baby anywhere you want to go. This is an excellent buy for any baby shower.

6. Compact Strollers

Compact strollers are similes to the full-sized strollers. The only difference is the size of the compact stroller. The compact stroller is much smaller. However, it has all the accessories that a full-sized stroller would have like the cup holders, storage baskets, and footrests.

Things to Consider When Buying a Stroller

  1. Price – strollers can be very costly with the full-sized stroller and the travel system stroller being technical most expensive. If you are on a budget this is something to definitely consider.
  2. Parent’s lifestyle – there are different types of strollers that will meet your specific needs. For example, if the parents love travelling or if they are adventurous, there are specific strollers for their activities.
  3. Check the wheels – firstly, some strollers have three wheels and others have four. Although three-wheel strollers can tackle all surface, they are better for off the road, like Sandy beaches. The front wheel spins a full 360 degrees which allows smooth cornering and weeding around obstacles. The four-wheel stroller has good stability. it is also important to look at your tire type. Air filled tires are designed to give your baby a smooth ride. The foam filled tire similarly allows a smooths and comfortable ride for baby. However, maintenance is not readily needed because instead of air it is filled with rubberized foam, making them puncture proof. Ethelene vinyl acetate is used in tires as well. It is a lightweight material with a rubber like softness and it is flexible. It is used for smooth surfaces. Like the foam filled tires, there is little maintenance required.
  4. Storage space – storage space in a stroller is important to carry bottles, cups, diapers, and toys. Parents would have easy access to these items especially if they are going on walks. This will give parents peace of mind.

Here are some strollers to choose from:

The Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Baby Stroller

This stroller comes in two colors: Percheron (which is something near to a grey) and stallion (this color is closer to black). It has a lot of storage and can convert to a double stroller.

The Cyber Libelle Stroller

This stroller comes in a variety of colors and is light weight. It is also perfect for traveling because it can simply fold and become hand luggage.

Baby Shower Gifts
Baby Shower Gifts
Baby Shower Gifts

3. Baby Bottle Warmer

Baby Shower Gifts

This device heats breast milk, formula, or baby food within minutes. With a baby bottle warmer, it allows you to warm the bottle without having to guess. This device warms your baby’s bottle to the ideal temperature with a thermostat and a clear indicator light that goes off when it is just right.

Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Bottle Warmer

  1. When buying a baby bottle warmer, make sure that it is easy to use and ideally easy to clean.
  2. Buy a baby bottle warmer with a built-in sterilizer if you can. This is convenient and an easy way to make sure that your baby’s bottle is squeaky clean.
  3. Warmers that can heat up more than one bottle is essential. This feature would be good if you have multiple babies, and you need to do multiple feeds. Great for daycares.
  4. The ability to defrost milk – by using steam or hot water, they can warm milk in a jiffy.

Here are some baby bottle warmers to consider buying:

Phillips AVENT Bottle Warmer with Smart Temperature Control and Automatic Shutoff

 This warmer is not only used for milk but it can be used for baby foods.

Baby Shower Gifts

The Tommee Tippee 3 in 1 Advanced Bottle and Pouch Warmer.

This baby bottle warmer can also turn off automatically and can warm bottles and baby food.

Baby Shower Gifts
Baby Shower Gifts

4. Sleep White Noise for Babies

Baby Shower Gifts

White noise for babies is beneficial because it helps babies to sleep. This is not only an essential gift for the baby but a really great gift for the parents as well.

Here are some white noise machines that you can get that would be perfect for the baby

Yoga Sleep Hush Portable White Noise Machine for Babies

It has three soothing natural sounds. This machine helps your baby fall asleep and most importantly, keeps them sleeping throughout the night therefore helping the parents to get rest.

Baby Shower Gifts

The Big Red Rooster 6 Sound White Noise Machine

It can be plugged in, or battery operated and is perfect for travel. Good for adults and children as well.

Baby Shower Gifts

5. Memory Book

Baby Shower Gifts

This is a wonderful gift for parents and guardians to keep memories of their babies. Baby memory books are also known as baby journals, and they are used to document precious memories throughout a baby’s life. You can even include things from pregnancy. Books like these have space for photos and special items along with the dates of the various activities done. This is a very nostalgic piece especially as the child grows it shows how much they have been loved. If the gender has not been revealed, you can easily find gender neutral ones.

Here are some memory books that you can buy:

As You Grow: Modern Memory Book for Baby

This is an elegant, chic, gender neutral baby book. It provides space for memories from birth to age five where the parents and other family members can add fond, as well as funny, memories.

Baby Shower Gifts
Baby Shower Gifts

Promptly Journals

This journal can be used for documentation from pregnancy straight to when the child turns eighteen. They come in a wide variety of colors. So, if you know the baby’s gender or not it would not be a problem.

Baby Shower Gifts
Baby Shower Gifts
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