Top 5 Best Helpful Electronic Breast Pumps

Electronic Breast Pumps

Battery and Electric Breast Pumps

Electric breast pumps are pumps that uses an electrical outlet to charge or function. The motorized breast pump creates suction and extracts milk from the breast. The good thing about these breast pumps is that some of them can be adjusted to create different patterns of suction. However, it would be wise to have a backup manual pump in case a situation arises where you need to pump but there is no electrical socket or batteries available (scarce but you never know).

Advantages of Electronic Breast Pumps

  • Time; one of the major advantages of the electric breast pump is that it saves time. The manual ones are much slower
  • They have double breast pumps
  • They save you from aching hands
  • Most come with adjustable settings and suction levels
  • More choices in terms of more models

Disadvantages of Electronic Breast Pumps

  • More expensive than the manual breast pump
  • Can be noisy
  • They have a lot of parts to clean and sterilize
  • Bulkier than the manual ones
  • If you buy an electric pump that solely dependent on electricity; As mentioned previously, if there is no power source at the time you would not be able to pump

Top Five Best Electronic Breast Pumps

1. Medela Pump In Style With Max Flow Breast Pump

Electronic breast pumps

The Medela pump in style breast pump is portable and lightweight. It has a two-phase technology that mimics the baby’s natural sucking motion. It has 10 vacuum settings, so you can find the level that is most comfortable for you. On the downside, if you must use batteries, you will need 8 AA batteries. That’s a lot of batteries!

2. Elvie Wearable Double Electric Breast Pump

This breast pump is pricier. It is designed to slip into your bra. You just have to slip it into your bra and line your nipple up with the pump and press start. This pump is quiet and offers adjustable suction options.

3. Lansinoh 2 In 1 Double Electric Breast Pump

Electronic Breast Pumps

The Lansinoh 2 In 1 is an option for mothers that want comfort, flexibility, and efficiency as well as lightweight. It is electric but also works with batteries. it has a closed system which means that it has barriers in place to prevent milk and other fluids from entering the electric aspect of the device.

4. Nuby Digital Electric Breast Pump

Electronic Breast Pumps

Nuby Digital Electric Breast Pump has up to 9 levels of stimulation and expression plus a sleek touch screen. Quiet and discreet with a clock monitor. Rechargeable with a battery that last up to 3 hours.

5. Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

Electronic Breast Pumps

This is a multi-user, rental breast pump designed for mothers that have a medical necessity for it (mothers experiencing difficulties with breast feeding). This can be for many reasons for example the nipple of the mother can be flat or inverted, the baby having congenital defects, mastitis etc. But for whatever the reason, you can borrow the Hospital grade breast pump.


  • The suction strength is stronger; this breast pump has a more powerful motor, special wavelength and special programming that allows mothers to get the most out of them
  • They are more efficient due to the stronger motor; these pumps are much more efficient. Good for mothers that do not want to pump for a long period of time. So, in essence more milk in less time
  • Durability; these pumps are built to last especially with so many mothers using them


  • Bulky; it is large and not very portable
  • Expensive; therefore, renting can be the best option. Let’s be honest, not everyone likes to utilize something that everyone uses and that can be another drawback
  • Connecting with a provider; you will need to connect with a provider and work with them to ensure that the pump is high quality, clean and in excellent condition

Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

1. Medela Symphony Double Electric Pump

The Medela Symphony Double Electric pump is the choice of many hospitals as the breast pump to use and of course it is pricey but can be rented. This breast pump has great suction and mimics the baby’s drinking patterns. It has a well-sealed closed system (which means that it has barriers in place to prevent milk and other fluids from entering). It is also quieter than most electric breast pumps which is a plus.

2. Spectra S3 Pro Hospital Grade Multi-User Electric Breast Pump

This breast pump has a closed system. It includes a rechargeable battery and has a soothing night light. It comes with both single and double pumping capability.

3. Opera Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump

This breast pump is very comfortable and as efficient as possible. It has unique massage and expression settings and can also calibrate each mode individually. The vacuum strength and cycle speeds can be adjusted manually and uniquely for each breast.

4. Ameda Elite Multiuser Hospital Grade Electric Breast Pump

Electronic Breast Pumps

Ameda Elite Multiuser Hospital Grade Electric Breast Pump is durable and light weight. It features separate suction and cycle dials to help find the settings that works best for you. It has a closed system which means that it has barriers in place to prevent milk and other fluids from entering.

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