Top 10 Best Useful Nipple Shields

Nipple shields are breast feeding aids that are shaped like a nipple and have undergone drastic changes overtime and not mention, progressed from being made of lead, wax, silver, wood, pewter and animal skins, rubber and thin latex. Now, these nipple shaped sheaths are typically made of silicone with tiny holes that allow milk to pass through them.

Nipple shield come in different sizes and different shields are good for different purposes.

Here are a few reasons for the use of a nipple shield:-

  • There be a problem with the baby’s mouth or tongue that affects their latch (tie tongue, I will explain later).
  • The mother’s nipple is short or inverted.
  • There is nipple damage and your nipple needs time to heal while baby needs to breast feed.

So let’s dive in; here are ten Nipple shields that I recommend can be used:-

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Our 10 Best Nipple Shields

1. Medela Contact Nipple Shield

Nipple shield

This Nipple shield is BPA free (a product that does not use the organic compound Bisphenol A, Bisphenol A is an industrial chemical found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins; some food containers, cans and bottle tops can contain these. This is harmful because research shows that BPA can seep into food or liquids from these containers. This causes concern because BPA is associated with possible health effects on the brain, prostate glands of fetuses, infants, and children). Thus, product is highly recommended. They are comfortable and natural for wearing and therefore helps moms express 11.8% more milk per minute.  The personal fit is available in four different sizes 21mm, 24mm, 27mm and 30 mm.

Prices start at $13.98 at amazon

2. Lansinoh Contact Nipple Shield

Nipple shield

These breast shields are also BPA free and 100% made of silicone. This one addresses short term latch on issues which are found in premature babies as well as mothers with flat/inverted nipples. This product is also best for babies with tongue ties (where the fold of tissue under the tongue, lingual frenulum restricts the movement and function of the tongue) it may cause the latch to be shallow which leads to discomfort for mothers and frustration of babies.

Prices on amazon starting at $6.15

3. Haakaa Nipple Shield

Nipple shield

The Haakaa nipple shield is 100% silicone and BPA, PVC and phthalates (these are dangerous chemical additives that can be harmful to a child’s health. They can be found in soaps, shampoos, hair sprays, lubricating oils, vinyl etc.) free. This nipple shield is available with both the round and triangular base. It also has an extended teat which makes it excellent for persons with flat/ inverted nipples.

Starting at $26.00 on the Haakaa site

4. Phillips Avent Nipple Protector

Nipple shield

They are odorless, tasteless (which allows the baby to still smell your skin), BPA free, thin silicone nipple shields (allows baby to feel your skin). They are Available in two sizes therefore adding to comfort. These nipple shields are designed for mothers that have cracked or sore nipples. You can therefore still breast feed and return to your breast once the nipple is healed.

Available at Baby security online starting price at 6.99 pounds

5. Mam Nipple Shields

Nipple shield

These are also free from BPA and BPS (this is the cousin of BPA and is used to make hard plastics and synthetic fibers because it strengthens the color life of fabrics. It is often used as a substitute for BPA.  studies have shown That Bisphenol S in foods can cause hormonal effects. Because Bisphenol S is a endocrine disruptor, it has also been linked to impaired neural function)The MAM nipple shields are butterfly shaped and are extremely soft making therefore it is a good choice for babies. It is also thin which makes it easy for babies to be more familiar with the feel and smell of mom’s skin. This product has been designed to be used for sore or cracked nipples.

Price on Amazon starting at $7.68

6. Momma Bear Essentials Premium Nipple Shield

Nipple shield

The Momma Bear Essentials nipple shield is BPA free, latex free (repeated exposure to latex results in sensitization and increased risks of allergic reactions), lead free (studies have shown that lead can have serious consequences on the health of children) and Phthalate free. It has an unique cut out shape that allows a closer connection between you and the baby. This nipple shield is suitable for mothers with flat/inverted/cracked nipples because they assist mothers in continuous breast feeding without the discomfort.

Price on Amazon starting at $10.99

7. NUK Barely there Nipple shield

Nipple shield

This is made of gossamer thin silicone (therefore, they are really thin!). It has a different surface structure with four drinking openings (this allows a natural calming and drinking sensation). This nipple shield helps mothers that have sensitive nipples during breast feeding and also babies that have weak sucking grips. The optimized shape allows more skin contact between mother and baby and they are BPA free.

Price at Walmart starts at $9.17

8. Purifyou Premium Nipple Shield

This Nipple shield is guaranteed nontoxic; BPA , BPS , latex, Phthalate and lead free therefore making them completely safe.These nipple shields are ultra-soft, they have a unique shape. This will help especially if the baby has latch-on difficulty. It also comes with a cotton washable reusable drawstring bag.

Price on Amazon starts at $12.96

9. Ameda Contact Nipple Shield

The Ameda contact nipple shield has a unique cut out design therefore allowing mothers and babies to have skin to skin contact. This nipple shield is best for babies that have latch on problems and for mothers that have cracked or sore nipples. These shields are made of ultra-thin flexible silicone that is BPA free. This particular design has a firmer nipple center and softer area surrounding the nipple therefore allowing for better grip and better breast stimulation for the baby.

Price at Walmart starts at $11.97   

10. Cradle Plus Nipple shield and breast shell

Finally, this product has been tested to ensure there is no chemical leaching, no BPA, leads or phthalates and therefore safe for your little one. They are flexible and soft. These nipples are perfect for babies that have poor latch or if the baby is tongue tied or for mothers with flat / inverted nipples and for any over active let down (when milk comes down very forcibly).  You can buy the set from Walmart.

Price at Walmart starts at $14.99

It is noteworthy that nipple shields should be used in the guidance of a health professional, lactation consultant, nurse or doctor. (Please note,, commissions are granted to us with items purchased using the amazon links provided).

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